Where to stay, eat, and activities to do in Phoenix

I visited Phoenix  a little while ago and I LOVED everything about it. I love how it’s so different from Toronto. You rarely see any high rise buildings. I love the vegetation and all the cactuses around. And of course, the good old palm trees everywhere! And the weather? It’s HOT! but coming from Toronto…isn’t that what we need?!

Here is all the info from my trip to Phoenix including some places to eat and things to do:

We stayed at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort and it was just lovely! The resort has 2 pools. One pool is the main pool that everyone has access to and it is a pretty big one with music playing in the background. But there was also another one right in front of our villa that was private to the guests staying in that area. It was secluded, private, and relaxing. It was just perfect! Here is a picture of our villa. It was basically a one bedroom house. I could live there forever!

You might know I love hiking… so while in Phoenix I had to put on my hiking shoes and go explore. Camelback Mountain is a famous hiking trail in the scottdale area so we decided to hit it up. Keep in mind, that day was around 110 degrees fahrenheit! so it was hot! and I felt sick at times but I still decided to finish it. Please make sure to pack plenty of water with you on this hike. It is actually quite strenuous. We kept taking breaks in the shade to cool our body and rest. I definitely recommend hiking it, just please be prepared. don’t show up with just your starbucks coffee in hand in the morning kind of thing!


Where to eat:

I’ve been to Phoenix a couple of times now, and every time I can’t resist not going to the Breakfast Club. They have awesome all day breakfast and sandwich options. I’ve tried the breakfast burrito and egg and cheese sandwich and both have been out of this world!


The hot weather of Phoenix during the summer months makes you just want to chill in the pool all day. On one of the days I was there the weather was 120 degrees fahrenheit! I won’t lie it was kind of unbearable. So thanks to one of our friends, we got invited to go out on the lake on his boat. It was the perfect way to spend the day! We went on Saguaro lake. It was absolutely beautiful and magical.


We watched the sunset over there and now I can understand why Arizona’s license plate is the way it is! If you know what I’m hinting at, leave a comment below 😉


I also checked out Top Golf while I was in Scottsdale. It’s such a fun, unique team outing idea. I wish we had something similiar in Toronto! if you know of anything similar, please comment down below and let me know!

If you need help planning your Phoenix getaway, don’t hesitate to reach out to me 🙂

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