Tips to visit the Antelope Canyon


Visiting Antelope Canyon was probably one of my favorite adventures I’ve been on. Growing up I always saw pictures of this plan as background pictures on the computer, blame Microsoft for it!
Here is some tips for you if you’re thinking of planning to visit this incredible place.

  • There is an upper antelope canyon and a lower. I visited the Lower canyon because that’s where all those beautiful pictures are from with the sunlight beaming down through open slits of the canyon
  • In order to visit this beautiful place you need to sign up for the tour. The grounds are part of the Navajo nation, which is the reason why you’re only allowed in with a Navajo native. We booked our tour with┬áKen’s Tours, for $28/person, and we were very happy with our tour guide.
  • The whole tour inside the canyon lasted about an hour/ hour and half.
  • Although it maybe too hot out in the desert once you’re in the canyon it’s pretty cool because most of it is shaded.
  • There will be some parts where you go have to go up stairs and ladders so make sure you wear proper footwear and have free hands.
  • On the same day we visited Antelope canyon we also visited Horseshoe bend since it was only about half hour drive away. Great way to hit 2 bucket lists on one day!

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