Couple of months ago, I decided to cross something off my bucket list. It was to visit Grand Canyon. And today, I’m so grateful to say that I did just that.



I’m going to write about how I planned this trip and include a few tips to hopefully help some of you out there.
We drove in from Los Angeles to Sedona, AZ in the afternoon. It’s about a 7 hrs drive give or take. Let me tell you that I highly recommend staying in Sedona because this city is just beautiful and only 2 hours away from Grand Canyon National Park. I found Sedona to be a great mix of desert like environment but still with greenery in it, and that’s what made it so unique in my eyes. Also, you might even score a better deal on hotels if staying in Sedona than in Flagstaff. We stayed at Arroyo Pinion Hotel and don’t have anything but positive things to say about it. I find I get the best deals for hotel bookings on Hotwire so definitely check it out.

One of the advantages of staying in Sedona is that you can go on a beautiful hiking trail called Cathedral Rock Hiking Trail , which I highly recommend visiting. Keep in mind that I would recommend this hike for people who are physically fit and healthy. It was definitely one of the hardest hikes I have ever done. One reason for this is because due to the desert climate it’s very easy to feel sick. I recommend taking a camelback with you to keep yourself hydrated. At the end, when you get all the way up there, it will all be worth it!

Here are some pictures of different view points throughout this breathtaking trail.




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