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I’ve decided to start this series called “Sales Section Talk”, where every month I feature a really good sales section that I shopped at. I mean… the whole reason that I started my blog was to be able to help more people snag great deals.

For this month, I just gotta feature Zara sales section because I just walked into there yesterday and they had an amazing sale! I ended up spending a couple hours in the store just cause there was so many fab pieces to look through and choose from! Here is some of the things that I got that I think you all will enjoy too. I did not provide the link because unfortunately they’re not available for purchase online… wommp wompp. Keep reading more if you’re interested.


$25 for this crochet, lacy, dark green, high neck dress. It’s very Kate Middleton, Royal, esque. It was $100 original and now for $25?! C’mon, can’t go wrong. It’s probably my favorite piece out of everything I bought. Very classy and posh looking.





Next is this black, v neck, lacy body suit. It’s perfect for those nights where you want to head out for a night out but don’t really want to dress up all that fancy, cause maybe you’re not sure where you’ll end up so you want to wear something versatile?! Anybody else have those?! The V neck goes down enough to show some sexy cleavage without it being too much. It also comes in an army green ish color. And it was only $15!

I also got this camel/pale pink suede mini bag with a cute vintage buckle and chain strap. It was exactly what I was looking for and it was only $20.00!



I also got this red checkered shirt for $15! Again, it’s one of those easy to wear items that I tend to reach for in my closet a lot. You can dress it up for the office, or dress it down for the weekend hangout. I love the little ruffled edges. It just adds a little bit of somethin’ somethin’, you know?

Since we’re on the topic of easy to wear pieces… I got this checkered shirt as well, that I think has so much character. You can judge it yourself. This was $25. I think it would look super cute even in the summer, worn with denim shorts and sneakers.

I also got a few other things that are just basic, staple pieces… like a white t-shirt (to wear my spaghetti strap tops over it, big trend!), and a nice loose fitting tank. Both were priced at $7.99

I bought all of these at Zara Yorkdale Mall location. I encourage all of you to go check it out too!

Was this useful? What are some good deals that you’ve snagged lately? Write me a comment and let me know!

Till next time…


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