Plan a trip to Joshua Tree National Park


Here is a recap of my last camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park:

We stayed at Jumbo Rocks campsite, which is a first come first served camp site. This means you might have to  drive around for a while to find the perfect site with some shade to protect you from the sun and to keep you cool throughout the day. From this campsite you can walk to the Skull Rock trail. Read more to see my pictures

This national park is another unique beauty that I definitely recommend checking out. The park entrance fee is $20. Sunset was my favorite time at this place. The colors and the reflection against these rocks was truly incredible. We slept in our tent without the fly tarp so we gazed at the stars until we fell asleep.


Here are a couple pictures from a sunset hike we did.

If you are planning to visit this park, make sure you bring proper footwear with you. And by that I mean hiking shoes or a shoes that provide good support. Also, the rocks on quite sharp! Be careful not to slip cause the rocks will cut your skin.

They say Joshua Tree is perfect for night photography. After my visit I get why! I hadn’t seen that many stars in the sky before this trip. It’s truly incredible so make sure you do some research on how to do night photography! I took these pictures with my tiny Rebel t3i and I was shocked it actually picked up on some stars!


If you want to see a forest of Joshua Trees just make a left when you exit this campground. The road will eventually guide you out of the park but you will see lot of pretty sights in between.

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