Where to stay in Krabi, Thailand?

I stayed in Krabi for 3 nights, and I stayed at different hotels each one of those night! Each of them are at a different price points and suited for different kinds of travelers/ travel purpose. I definitely recommend all of them to stay at if you are visiting Ao nang, Krabi. If you are wondering where to stay in Krabi then keep reading.

I also recommend staying in Aonang as it offer many options for things to do and various day trips to other islands.


Aonang Fiore Resort Infinity pool

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Sales Section talk – Jan

I’ve decided to start this series called “Sales Section Talk”, where every month I feature a really good sales section that I shopped at. I mean… the whole reason that I started my blog was to be able to help more people snag great deals.

For this month, I just gotta feature Zara sales section because I just walked into there yesterday and they had an amazing sale! I ended up spending a couple hours in the store just cause there was so many fab pieces to look through and choose from! Here is some of the things that I got that I think you all will enjoy too. I did not provide the link because unfortunately they’re not available for purchase online… wommp wompp. Keep reading more if you’re interested.

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Travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Going back to the question I get asked the most, how I can afford to travel… I’m going to reveal how I plan my trips. My trips aren’t typically anything fancy and luxury, but budget travel means more adventure which is what I’m looking for. You have to put yourself in unfamiliar situations in order to get to know yourself, to see how you can adapt. At the end, I always walk away proud of myself that I was able to make it happen. That I’m stronger than I thought.

The truth is, I don’t blow all my money traveling. I have goals that I’m saving up for as well. I actually save quite a bit in comparisons to others around me. I just choose to travel ‘smarter’ as I like to call it. See… for me, I rather take 10 budget trips a year rather than taking 2 luxury trip a year. I worked full time, Monday-Friday, and I still managed to take at least 10 trips a year. I would just extend every long weekend by a couple of days, or I would leave straight from work to go catch a flight, or I even walked in with my luggage to work once in the morning! A weekend warrior I like to call it.

I’m going to show you how you can take a weekend 4 nights/4days trip to Los Angeles from Toronto for only $650 CAD including all transportation and accommodation.

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