Plan a trip to Havasupai

This place is everything you see in pictures and more.

Here are some tips if you’re planning to do this hike.

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  1. Definitely bring water shoes. You WILL need them there.
  2. Do wear hiking shoes. The trail is a mix of sand, rocks, and loose pebbles. I wore Nike sneakers and came back with blisters, don’t do that!
  3. There is a water refill station when you get to the village and campsite. Therefore, do not over pack water. On the way in we started the hike around 5 AM so it wasn’t too hot. I only consumed about 2 Liters of water.
  4. Drive to the hilltop the night before you start your hike. This way you can get on your way in the wee hours of morning to beat the heat.
  5. The hike back up will be challenging since it’s going to be all uphill. Make sure you have some energy bars, water, and a wide rim hat with you to finish the last bit of the hike.
  6. Bring a hammock with you. After a 5 hour hike it’s the best way to unwind and there is a lot of trees you can swing from.


See more pictures below!


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  1. Great post and photos! I’ve been wanting to go to Havasupai Falls but every year it’s so difficult to get a permit – last year I even had an auto-dial app to call the office everyday with no luck. How were you able to get the permit?

    1. Hi Anna! Thank you for visiting my page!
      Omg, there is even an auto-dial app?! haha
      Honestly, I was at work when I called, it was around 4PM EST on a random day in July and my call got through on the first try. I told the guy “I know this is probably a stupid question to ask, but do you by any chance have any permits available for so and so weekend in August?” He said “let me check” I was already ready to hang up and take the decline but he said “Yes, we do. How many people?” I was shocked! I booked it for our whole group of 6. I ended up calling a week later to increase to 8people. I called around the same time and again my call went through on first try! I couldn’t believe it myself.
      But this year reservation begins on February 1st. I would just keep calling and since this year they have changed the reservation system, it might be a little easier to secure a spot. I really hope you get lucky and get through this time. Let me know how it goes! Xx

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