How I find the best flight deals

The #1 question I get asked is how I can afford to travel as much as I do. I think I’ve got the art of finding the best flight deals and scoring free flights down so I wanted to share my tips hoping to help some of you.

The short answer is I don’t just travel and have fun all the time but what I don’t publish on my social media is when I’m at work, hustling, so I can fund all the adventures I want to have. The long answer is, I live for good deals and so it’s natural for me to dig to find the best deals on flights. I decided to write them down here, hoping to help some of you out there. Here it is:

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How to camp in Big Sur, CA for free

Camping in big sur
Big Sur is definitely one of California’s ‘must sees’. Which also means to a lot of tourist and tourist traps. I wanted to experience Big Sur without the luxury ocean front facing hotel and this is how I did. Here is a guide to free camping in Big Sur, CA.

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Where to stay, eat, and activities to do in Phoenix

I visited Phoenix  a little while ago and I LOVED everything about it. I love how it’s so different from Toronto. You rarely see any high rise buildings. I love the vegetation and all the cactuses around. And of course, the good old palm trees everywhere! And the weather? It’s HOT! but coming from Toronto…isn’t that what we need?!

Here is all the info from my trip to Phoenix including some places to eat and things to do:

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