Make your New Year’s resolution stick

As some of you may know, I have just completed a post-grad certificate in IT Business Analysis (told you I don’t just travel!). I love it when I can take things that I learned in the classroom and apply them directly to everyday life.

The new year is right around the corner and everyone is setting up new goals to conquer in 2017. But how often do we see/experience goals not getting accomplished or only get worked on in January?

When I thought about setting my new year’s goals, I started to list stuff like this:

  • I want to work out more
  • I want to cook more
  • I want to broaden my career path

But then I stopped myself, and thought about what my professor would constantly say.

“Make sure your requirements are testable, traceable, and verifiable”

That’s right! How can I say I actually worked out more when there are no success criteria?

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Sushi overlooking the Pacific Ocean

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has a list of restaurants that overlook a beautiful scenery. A little while ago, I ended up at Terranea Resort, LA’s oceanfront luxury resort located in Palos Verdes.


It has the perfect view overlooking the ocean and cliffs. You can walk through the grounds free even if you’re not guests and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But I suggest putting aside a little time to at least try out one of their restaurants.


I had the opportunity to try out their Asian Fusion Restaurant named Bashi.

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Bathroom decor

Let’s face it, girls like pretty little things specially flowers. As much as I love flowers I hate how quickly they die. I find the average life spans of the flowers I buy to be 5-7 days and if you want to always have fresh flowers in the house it comes with its cost. However, I recently found a little solution for this! Lately I’ve been finding myself adoring this little corner of the house- the bathroom specifically- so I decided to share a few of my favorites. Keep reading if you like to spice up your little corner too.

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