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Let’s face it, girls like pretty little things specially flowers. As much as I love flowers I hate how quickly they die. I find the average life spans of the flowers I buy to be 5-7 days and if you want to always have fresh flowers in the house it comes with its cost. However, I recently found a little solution for this! Lately I’ve been finding myself adoring this little corner of the house- the bathroom specifically- so I decided to share a few of my favorites. Keep reading if you like to spice up your little corner too.



I’ve been raving about these flowers for a few days now. I picked them after the sales associate asked me if I needed any help picking flowers since I was going back and forth a lot. She sold me on these flowers on the fact that they last a long time. And they were also on sale for $2.99 so I thought I’d give them a try. And tell you what, she was absolutely right. I’ve had these flowers for a week and half now and they still look fresh, as you can see in the picture. These flowers are called Carnations and they come in all sorts of different colors. I picked up a pale pink bunch and a fuchsia pink bunch to add a nice contrast of colors.

Another thing I love about this corner of the house is the vase that I’ve used. This vase was actually a candle before that I also loved. It’s from Bath and Body Works and the scent is called Mohagony Teakwood. You can find this candle here. After I burnt through the whole candle I decided to scrape off the excess wax and recycle it! I love the rustic vintage look it adds to the room.

To the left of the flowers I’ve got my hand soap which I also have been raving about cause I love it so much! It is from William Senoma. The scent is called Spiced Chestnut and it smells just absolutely devine and chic. You can find it here. I have the dishwasher soap and counter cleaning spray of this kind as well and I love it.

I love the feel these flowers add to my bathroom. It makes me enjoy getting ready in the bathroom and spending time there. It brings the place to life and that makes me smile.


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