Dating outside of my culture

Today, I’m going to get real and personal..cause sometimes that’s what the heart wants. This is about dating outside of my culture and the challenges as a first generation Canadian. I’ve always enjoyed variety and embraced the differences and uniqueness of each person so I almost prefer dating outside of my culture. I get that trying to fit into a someone else’s life who has a different culture has its own challenges and learning and it isn’t an easy task. I think I am an adaptable and flexible person so I was okay with the learnings that had to come when I decided to date a non-Persian man. But my parents, and my partner? Well that’s a different story…

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Best way to travel from Toronto to New York City?

New York, DUMBO


This past summer, I visited New York City 3 times and each time by a different mode of transportation. I’ve done Greyhound buses, drove with my own car, and flew. Each time was an experience by itself and I don’t regret anything. Here is some info on each to help you if you’re also thinking of planning a trip to NYC…(which I totally recommend)

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Mountains, Glaciers & Blue lakes; Western Canada Adventures

Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta

Car camping – (n.) A type of camping which involves driving rather than walking to a campsite.

car camping has got to be one of my favorites. Mostly because I love that you can wing everything last minute and call any place you can pull over to ‘home’ for the night… which if you know me, you know that’s so me!

For my Western Canada trip, which was during the long weekend in August, we didn’t plan anything other than booking our flights and reserving a rental car. I booked an open jaw flight arriving in Vancouver with a departure from Calgary, and then booked a matching car rental reservation with pick up at Vancouver’s airport and drop off at Calgary’s airport. I always use to search for the best car rental rates. The flight round-trip fare was $370 CAD, direct flights! I found this sweet deal through yyz deals. If you’ve never checked their website out, do yourself a favor and click here to see the best airfare deals.

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